Wild Soul Runes

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Using inquiry and original translations alongside traditional rune poems and sacred art, Wild Soul Runes invites readers to develop their own connection with the runes. The book is based on the premise that all of us possess the ability to receive divine information through runes. Rather than telling the reader what the runes mean, Lara Veleda Vesta shares an interactive practice for readers to discover the unique ways the runes speak to them. The book covers the history of the runes, both in myth and through the connection with Old European archaeological findings. This history offers evidence for the idea that the runes have a feminine origin, coming from the well of the Norns, the female triple giantesses who represent the fates in Norse myth. It introduces the concept of the runes as beings rather than simply an alphabet or magical tools. With this book, reader will learn to create a relationship with these beings through ancestral connection, personal gnosis, and ritual practice.