Essential Oil Diffuser - Wild Palm

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  • DESIGN: Black metal with wild palm cut-outs reveal colorful LED lights within. Diffuser rotates to create a beautiful ever-changing glow.
  • USE: 100 mL capacity allows for 4 hours of continuous run time. Select between 8 colors of LED lights to rotate, stay on one color continuously or dim. Rotating starts automatically!
  • FEATURES: A beautiful miniature light show as the carousel diffuser spins around slowly. Rotation is at a slow, relaxing speed.
  • INCLUDES: Metal sleeve, Plastic Base, Water Vessel, 5 ft Cord
  • PURE AND NATURAL FRAGRANCE: Make a statement with Airome Essential Oil Diffusers, designed to not only help you bring aromatherapy into your home, but do so beautifully. Recommended use with our 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oil singles and blends or our all-natural AiromeScents blends. Sold separately.

The 100 mL capacity ultrasonic essential oil diffuser features a stunning display of rotating LED lights. The subtle movement of the lights within are highlighted through a metal decorative palm sleeve as a motor gently spins the sleeve in a 360 view.